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CVE-2018-10561CVE-2018-10562D-LinkDasanGPON firmwareIOTVulnerability

D-Link, Dasan Routers Under Attack In Yet Another Assault

Dasan and D-Link routers running GPON firmware are being targeted by hackers in an attempt to create a botnet.

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Newsmaker Interview: Troy Mursch on Why Cryptojacking Isn’t Going Away

Criminals have found a mischievous way to mine cryptocurrency. Security researcher Troy Mursch sounds off on why this tricky trend isn't going away anytime…

airport securityInsecure WiFikey reinstallation attackMobile SecurityMost Recent ThreatListsPrivacyriskiest WiFi hotspotsVulnerabilityWeb Security

ThreatList: A Ranking of Airports By Riskiest WiFi Networks

Airport TSA agents don’t check terminals for insecure WiFi networks, so stay on your toes when using hotspots at these airports.

chinese actorsChinese hackerscyberespionageDonald TrumpIOTIoT devicesrussia donald trumptrump putin summitVulnerability

Chinese Hackers Mount Espionage Campaign During Trump-Putin Summit

An uncharacteristic spate of strikes against IoT devices in Finland during the summit was likely an indicator of a coordinated cyberespionage effort, researchers said.

Compromised Websitesexif datagoogleusercontentimage filessteganographyuploaded imagesVulnerabilityWeb Security

Stealthy Malware Hidden in Images Takes to GoogleUserContent

Hackers are embedding malicious code within compromised, uploaded images on trusted Google sites – weaponizing the website and staying under the radar.

fake turn by turngangwangGoogle MapsGPSin-car navigationIOTrealistic directionsSpoofingVulnerability

GangWang GPS Navigation Attack Leads Unsuspecting Drivers Astray

In a stalking or random criminal scenario, the ability to guide someone to an out-of-the-way, isolated location could be a precursor to kidnapping or…